What’s The Tour Basket?

The Tour Basket is an online platform where travelers connect with tour companies. This is a place where you can find everything pre-planned for your next trip. Whether you are a nature lover, an adventure seeker or one with a curious mind who wants to explore the unknown corners of the world. We can help you find your best travel itinerary and have the greatest travel experiences (sorry if it sounds clichéd, but we mean it).

Who are we?

We are a vibrant team of passionate travelers who take traveling seriously. We are on a mission to bring about memorable, inspiring travel experiences for our customers. Are you as serious as us about your travel plans but are not sure where to begin and how to manage your trip? Welcome to The Tour Basket. We can help you with your dream vacation filled with enriching experiences.

We have two unique types of customers:

Travelers from across the globe, who want to experience Enchanting India in all its glory (snake charmers, slums, cows and elephants on streets are not part of the itinerary)

Indians who wish to experience international travel and their dream vacation (we know you have worked hard and saved up for this and we definitely won’t let you down)

What do we do?

Our tour operators have provided detailed information about their tour packages, so you can make an informed decision. You can choose from amongst hundreds of tour packages, to find the one best suited for your requirements. If you have a specific requirement, do write to us and we will be happy to share a new itinerary tailored specially for you.

Once you choose the location or type of trip you want, we will do the rest for you. We will match your requirements with the services of leading tour operators registered with us.

We have the required experience to coordinate and create a unique travel experience just for you.

Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.

How it works?

Book the pre-planned tour packages to suit your pocket,


Get matched to the best tour operators

Get your trip planned

Book your tour and have a great vacation!

We listen to our customers and invite you to share your feedback and review after the end of each trip. This helps us provide better services to our customers and also enables our tour operators to improve quality levels.

Why choose The Tour Basket?

  • Carefully selected Tour Operators

    We monitor the performance of our tour operators and keep getting feedback from our customers to ensure service quality levels are maintained by our operators. Our tour operators are strictly screened before their packages go live.
  • Traveler Reviews

    Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority and your reviews help us keep a quality check on our operators and their packages. Compare and decide about your tour by reading the reviews of fellow travelers on our portal. Remember to share your own review after your trip, so, you can help other travelers too.
  • We are serious about security

    Travelers across the globe trust our secure platform. We ensure your data and your payments are protected at all times.
  • Tour Experts with experience

    Our tour experts strive to provide exceptions services to our customers. We are here to answer all your questions and help you with the best package you desire.
  • Best Prices

    We assure you that there are no hidden charges in our packages. We will get you competitive rates and be transparent about the pricing.