10 Things to Consider While Choosing a Yoga and Meditation Retreat in India

10 Things to Consider While Choosing a Yoga and Meditation Retreat in India

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10 Things to Consider While Choosing a Yoga and Meditation Retreat in India

Yoga and meditation retreats in India are one of the main reasons for the country’s fastest-growing wellness tourism.

Peaceful living is our foremost prerogative. Yet, there are times when the chaos takes over and disconnects us from our inner self.   

The search for joy then persuades us to withdraw from the din of our busy lives and recede among charming landscapes in the countryside. We visualize doing holy things like practicing yoga postures amid nature, reflecting, praying, meditating and meeting like-minded people. A pleasant yoga and meditation retreat can help us attain a tranquil state of mind and body. 


Are you considering such a pull-back for yourself or want to deepen your yoga practice but are confounded over the right hideaway place? Here are some pointers to optimize your search for the best yoga and spiritual meditation retreats in India. Interweave them with your own preferences to arrive at the right selection.

Tips to choose a great yoga & meditation retreat in India

  • Location: Beach, mountains, green woods or an exotic destination. Whatever location appeals and inspires you to be yourself is worth considering. Some urban retreats also embrace regular and simple premises to practice lifestyle-based mindfulness. Retreats at breathtaking locations in Manali are worth considering – Pure Ganga yoga, Open Lotus yoga Retreat, Manali Iyengar yoga retreat to name a few.

  • The comfort of accommodation: A serious yoga retreat may tap your emotional and physical bodies and so it’s beneficial to find a space of your own. Dealing with exertion and excitement gets easy if you secure a private room. On the other hand, if you like to interact and socialize, share the room or consider a dormitory. 
  • Design and concept of retreat: Some yoga retreats provide you with a leisurely experience while others may get intense and challenging. A prudent review might help you to align with the one you are seeking at a deeper level. 
  • The doctrine of meditative practice: The discovery of self can take different paths. And thus each retreat follows a diverse design of practice. It is better to research on the theme of style followed by the organization and the itinerary of the program. Thereafter pick the one that appeals to you the most. Remember that a yoga retreat may mean more than you think. It is wise to expand your horizon while selecting.
  • Supportive ambiance for introspection: The purpose of a retreat is to realize one’s true and higher potential. While the benefits of rolling out on the mat might tap one’s energy reserves, there should be some time to allow for the transformation, analysis, and awareness.
  • Silent retreat vs. group expeditions: Reserved retreats are profound and very useful in gaining awareness, self-control & inner peace. Group excursions provide flexibility and a good opportunity to socialize with those who have the same vein. While selecting one, go through the social aspects of the retreat carefully.
  • Stage of learning: Align your requirements to the level of learning offered. Are you a beginner? Or you are already on the path to meditation and need to enhance your practices? Some wonderful places where beginners are welcome for a yoga and meditation retreat in India include Goa’s purple Valley (Goa), Kaivalyadhama Ashram (Lonavala, Maharashtra), Dharamkot (Himachal Pradesh), and Mata Amritanandamayi Math (Kollam, Kerala).

  • Price: Analyze the value offered for your money spent by considering factors like the number of participants, the expertise of masters, quality of food and lodging, camping, etc. Include the costs of transportation and flight booking in the budget. Maximize productivity with available resources. 
  • Duration and effectiveness: Remember the basic fact that a real change comes from within and ponder over the time you need to refresh yourself. Longer may not always be better and shorter need not be inadequate. Making the most of the available time will prove conducive.
  • Luxury and comfort: Luxury retreats offer Ayurveda massages, rejuvenation activities for the family, variety of foods, 5-course meals, talks by eminent field experts, etc. as a part of their cleansing process. Consider the level of comfort you need for self-exploration. 

Some of the best luxurious yoga and meditation retreats in India include Shreyas retreat in Bangalore, Swaswara in rural coast of Karnataka, Vana in Malsi Estate, Dehradun. 

The purpose of a good retreat is to find an unruffled state of mind. This makes life more liveable and lovable. Go for it.

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