Kenya Safari Tours: Everything About Kenya That a Tourist Should Know

Kenya Safari Tours: Everything About Kenya That a Tourist Should Know

Oct 7, 2019 | Articles & Tips, Safety Tips, Tips n Tricks, Tour Guide

Kenya Safari Tours: The magnitude of our experience in life determines its quality and traveling certainly enriches it. If you have a strong travel impulse, prepare yourself to be taken up by the enchanting culture and over-flowing wilderness of this place, situated in the East of Africa. Kenya. Officially known as the Republic of Kenya, the 49th largest country of the world is bound to give you many enlightening experiences. 

Plan your luxury or economical trip from various available packages with the prominent ones marked as Kenya Safari tours, Kenya tour packages, Kenya Safari packages, Masai mara packages, Masai mara migration packages 2019. 

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Kenya Wildlife Safari Holidays: Itchy Feet & fading smiles? Lighten up with the magic that is Kenya.

The charm of Kenya is indescribable but we will try to articulate the beauty of those golden beaches, vast savannah grasslands, the spectacular coastline views, and other iconic landmarks.

Get your adrenaline rushing in the heart of African Safari:

When a man puts the wild beasts in a cage, he closes himself to the sorcery of nature. Seeing the wildlife in their natural habitats might give you goosebumps but will prove to be the most thrilling experience ever. Get ready for a tickle in your heart as you watch the elephants, buffaloes, leopards, lions, rhinoceros, giraffes, hyenas, jackals and other animals roaming uncaptivated in their primary ecosystems. 

You can choose from Kenya Safari tours and Kenya Safari packages which will take you through the finest and classiest destinations of Kenya like Samburu National Reserve, Amboseli National Park, Laikipia Plateau, Masai Mara, and Nairobi. 

Transport your spirit back to childhood in the avifauna and lakes:

What is that element in nature that could easily put us down on our hands and knees, singing songs to the beautiful birds as we saw them eating, dancing or flying? There is a special connection between humans and nature that grows when they come to each other’s company. Kenya has special places to foster this love. Visit the freshwater lakes of Nakuru, Bogoria, and Naivasha and watch the diverse migrants of avifauna like pink flamingos, fish eagles, pink-backed pelicans, and crested eagles. The beauty of their beings and the special moments captured will surely turn you into a storyteller. 

Open up your heart to the diverse culture:

Culture in Kenya is a celebration of diversity with 62 languages and varied ethnic make-up. There is joy, security, and unity in the relationships of the people, who are group-oriented rather than individualistic. Kenyans value relationships with care and uphold a strong social structure. You will be delighted to take part in the ceremonies, traditions, and activities of the natives of African Mecca. Peep into the routines of folklore here, the customs which have been serving as guideposts and maintaining continuity in the hearts and souls of the people. You will return enlightened and pragmatic.

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Augment your joy with the elements of recreation & creativity in the Sand beaches and Islands:

If you get inspired to ride on the wings of imagination when you see an open sky and blue waters; if you can hear the whisper made by the waves of a beach, then this is the place where your heart will find the treasure it is looking for! Kenya’s islands like Funzi, Lamu, Mombasa, and its northern and southern beaches are a charm for thousands of tourists and an invitation to enjoy life in its simplicity. They resonate with a clear message, Life and living are not so hard!

Do you love to fly? Try flying under the water, there are things to see...Serendipity is a traveler’s ally and Kenya’s underwater world is sure to give you sweet surprises. The world of the sea is wild, beautiful and free. Underneath lies bounty of marine life waiting to be explored. You can go snorkeling, diving, or take delight in the coral wilderness of Watamu Marine Park, Canyon, Moray Reef, Mtwapa and Barracuda Reef, and Kisite Mpunguti Marine Reserve.

Time machine exists! Travel back with Kenya’s artifacts

Paintings, relics, and profound archaeological designs conceal the past and also the understanding of where it all came from. There are mysteries to be solved, art pieces to be discovered, and expertise awaiting its due recognition in the Kenyan Artefacts. Perhaps because these artifacts have helped us to understand the common humanity that the Lake Turkana has been named as ‘Cradle of Mankind’. This World Heritage site is believed to be the place where life began as the bones of human beings dating back to mankind’s existence were discovered from here by Dr. Richard Leakey. 

The creativity in Kenya exists to date and can be found in the works of its 40 varied ethnic groups. World-class Kitengela glass art, Flamingo Wall Tiles, Outdoor and bamboo furniture, Housemark artwork, stone and wood carvings are some exemplary works. 

Top attractions in Kenya


  • Masai Mara National Reserve:

masai mara migration 2019

Located in the south-west region of Kenya, Masai Mara safari is famous for its unique population of cheetas, leopards, lions, zebra, Thomson’s gazelle, and other wild beasts. Watching their herds in the huge stretches of rolling grasslands, you will develop a fine ear and eye for the rhythm of wilderness that can only be felt at this place.

Best time to visit: More than 2 million wild animals migrate from Serengati National Park of Tanzania to the Masai Mara National Reserve in July till October each year, which remains the peak time to visit the place. The wildlife view is however good all year round and millions of tourists visit annually.

Packages and activities: Choose from various Masai Mara Tour packages available in luxury and economic range.  The packages cover Diani Beach, and Masai Mara game reserve with several activities like hot air balloon rides, safari game drives, in addition to basics like meals, drinking water, accommodation, pick and drop and transport. You can also enjoy cultural visits in the Masai villages, bird watching, visit Mfangano island at Lake Victoria, and go for walking safaris along with guides. 

Cost: The average cost of traveling and accommodation is around $400 per person for 3 days and 2 nights.

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  • Amboseli National Park

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The word ‘Amboseli’ comes from a Masai word that means ‘salty dust’. This naturally beautiful National Park is situated in Southern Kenya and spreads across the Kenya-Tanzania border. The park is renowned for its large elephant herds, wildlife like giraffes, zebras, cheetas, and bird species. It is also known for its magnificent views of Mount Kilimanjaro.

During the safari visit, you will find yourself admiring over 1000 elephants including around 58 families as they move around regally around the park. Get ready for a tingle as you watch the lions climbing up the trees, a kingfisher hunting for a fish, and over 400 species of birds including ostriches, flamingos, grey-crowned cranes, yellow-billed storks, African ibises, and pelicans, to name a few.

Best time to visit:  June to October and January to February are the dry months and also the perfect time to visit. The animals tend to gather more at the water sources and grass is shorter. There are rains in November, April and May and the place witnesses fewer tourists at this time. Game drives and activities are also suspended during the rainy season.

Packages and activities: Kenya Wildlife Safari packages are ranging from 4 hours to 3 days that includes food, accommodation, game drives, entrance fee, guide fees, and pick-drop. Enjoy the Amboseli Lake (if you plan to visit after rains); Normatior, a pyramid-shaped hill for splendid views; Sinet Delta, the place for bird-watching or visit the Masai village. 

Cost: The average cost for 3 days is $540 and varies according to the type of package taken. 


  • Lake Nakuru

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The most beautiful, peaceful and pleasurable experiences await those who love to watch the world in the crystal waters of Nakuru lake. 

Nakuru lake lies to the south of Nakuru in the rift valley of Kenya and is well-known for its landscapes and wildlife. In order to protect the birdlife in the plains and surrounding hills of lake, the Nakuru National Park was set up in 1960. A huge population of pink flamingos flock to the lake each year to the soda lake, attracted by a special kind of algae. Wild animals like warthogs, baboons, zebras, Eastern black rhinos and southern white rhinos can also be viewed along the woodlands or grazing along the shorelines.

Best time to visit: The months from June to October and January to February is the time to behold the wildlife and birds. The park gets busy from July to March when the rainfall is very little.

Packages and Activities: The duration of the Kenya Safari tours range from are one day that takes you to Lake Nakuru, to 3-4 days that include other locations also. The second one may include a combination of places like Masai Mara, and Tanzania along with the lake. A full-day tour consists of private or group game drives to Lake Nakuru National Park, guide services with bird and wildlife watching, meals, and transport. You can upgrade to boat trips to look for hippos and eagles on Lake Navisha.

Cost: The packages range from $70 to $635 depending on the type and duration chosen. 


  • Tsavo National Park

kenya safari tour packages

Tsavo National Park is one of the oldest and biggest parks in Kenya. It is divided into east and west sections by a road and railway line. The park is named after the Tsavo River which flows from west to east through the National park. The open canopy of its savannah attracts a variety of life consisting of wild as well as docile. The big five including the lion, black rhino, cape, buffalo, elephant, leopard and diverse birds like crowned cane, love birds, sacred ibis can be seen. Just as the trees attract sunshine, freshness blossoms in the minds of those who visit Tsavo as their worries drop off like autumn leaves.

Best time to visit: Tsavo is best visited during the dry months of June to October and January to February.  

Packages: The Kenya Safari Tour packages start from one day trip to a few days in luxury and budget range. Private safaris are also available where you can enjoy the trip with your members using facilities like pop up car roof, and catching close splendid views of the animals in their eco-system. 

Cost: Simple day trips on an average cost of $ 200 and may extend to $500 or more as per the increase in duration.


Other top tourist attractions in Kenya are Samburu and Shaba National Reserves, Lamu Island, Lake Naivasha, Nairobi, Mombasa island, Maldini Resort, Mount Kenya National Park, and Ol Pejeta Conservancy. 

Basic information about Kenya that a tourist should know

  1. Demographics: The multi-ethnic state has a population of 4.97 crores that is unequally distributed with over 70 ethnic groups classified into Bantu, Nilotic, Cushitic, and Kikuyu as the largest group. The official languages are Swahili and English.
  2. Climate: Kenya has a pleasant tropical climate which varies by location. The coastal cities witness a higher temperature and rainfall. It changes from cool to hot, every day. February is the hottest month while most of the rainfall is in April. The lowlands are hot and dry while the highlands are temperate.
  3. Currency: Shilling is the Kenyan currency and 1 Kenyan Shilling = 0.68 Indian Rupees and 0.0096 US dollars. Even though dollars are widely accepted, it is recommended to carry local currency for things that are not included in your package. 
  4. Food: Staples grown in Kenya are maize, cereals, millets, which are enjoyed with vegetables and meat. A typical Kenyan diet includes Ugali, green vegetables, milk, beans, eggs, sukuma wiki, nyama choma. 
  5. How to reach Kenya: The main airport is Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi and Moi International Airport in Mombasa. Most of the packages include transportation from these two destinations. 
  6. Your backpack for travel: If you intend to travel to many parts of Kenya, keep in mind the climate and duration and carry your basics along with the following: 
  • Formal and informal wear (lightweight)
  • Camera and binoculars
  • Medications
  • Sunscreen and repellents
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Flashlight 
  • Travel documents and cards
  • Maps and travel guides

So, get ready to develop a wider view of the world around. Enjoy the food, regard the customs, meet the people, travel to Kenya.


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