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All of us always wonder to travel such places that can be comfortably enjoyed without any regression. Where after a monotonous lifestyle people prefer to take a call of vacation to rejuvenate their mind and body.

A vacation in Norway could be one of the best choices on the globe for vacation. You can plan for an amazing honeymoon, a family trip, a fun holiday with friends or just a break.  The whole sightseeing places, lively destinations, varied scenery, with natural beauty can be experienced here. The landscapes enclosed with mountains aligned with the sea, islands, waterfalls, coastline along with Fjords are some treasury locations in Norway.

The Norway lands and itineraries with their uniqueness attract explorer to have much fun in the realms of nature over here. Either it is the northern part of Norway or southern part it is affluent with its vivid charming destinations. The vacation in Norway offers a lot of well-to-do adventure and sporty things that becomes ultimately memorable. Spending days here in the out bounded arms of Norway is something enjoyable to have for long. Embracing the different adventures during the vacation will relieve you and helps you to rectify your mind soul and body inside out. It’s a place that entwines history, culture, tradition with the advance lifestyle of today that gives a significant goal of vacationing here. The travel to Norway will reinforce you to become an admirer of the fascinating beauty and bling of the cities lyrically.

What is included in this tour?

Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

  • Rental car of your choice with unlimited mileage, CDW and VAT for 6 days
  • Accommodation (comfort/quality) for 6 nights with continental breakfast
  • Detailed itinerary
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Taxes and service fee

What is not included in this tour?

Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.

  • Flights to/from Norway
  • Meals and drinks at restaurants (unless otherwise stated)
  • Entrance to museums and other attractions
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Ferries
  • Road tolls
  • Parking fee
Day 1: Welcome to Norway

The vacationists and trippers can start their seven days trip from some of the best sun-bleeding views of Oslo. Heading in Oslo Norway the best place on the globe attracts trippers for its fjords, glaciates, islands, and museums. The immense beauty of nature mixed with architecture gives you countless sights to capture and lend them for life. Also, the spectacular beach views of ski-museums, Viking ship museum, Whitsunday islands, will boost you for the next destination to go high on your pulse for further experiences. Walking with more strides enjoy the stretches of Bygdoy peninsula.  As enjoying all the day travelers equally enjoy during the late evenings the shimmery lights of downtown cities and chained shopping showrooms. The opera houses and city center are the also must visiting places to acknowledge the culture and tradition of the Oslo Norway. The Oslo concedes more locations like Oslo winter park, VigelandSparken Sculpture Park, and Frogner Park that rigorously add more memories to your vacations.

Day 2: Magnificent Fjords and The world´s best Train Journey

After experiencing the gateway to Norway through Oslo, you can move ahead the next day to Tromso by just in 2 hours to the city of Northern lights. The Northern lights are popular for its colorful night skyline. The popularity captioned it as “Polar nights in Arctic capital.” The colorful night skyline with tickling and shimmering lines falling slightly on the edges of the snow-covered hills are the best scenic views on the earth should be witnessed at least once in the lifetime. It is the most visited place by photography lovers and night view explorers. These great sights make you wonder in the aura of Northern Lights. The humpback whales are also one amazing attraction point for the visitors. With upcoming winters weather explodes some fantastic views of snowy landscapes. The fun-loving travelers can enjoy the Dog-sledged riding. The skiing and ice skating are also some common sports to have added fun here. These Northern Lights gives a stardust view to witness and steal through the lenses forever to reminisce. Without getting late, we will get back to our relaxing hub to Tromso.

Day 3: Sogndal - Ålesund

Accomplishing the best view of Northern lights now you can get ahead to Bergen via ferry through a sea route in the southwest part of Norway. Here, you can get relaxed and recollect your strength for the next destination which are Fjords, the highlights of Bergen, Norway where the Sognefjord is the deepest and longest Fjord that gives you some implicit views.  The addictive exquisiteness of the fjords put an inevitable impact on the minds of travelers. The drop-dead gorgeous locations of Fjords enchant the travelers and influence them in particular ways. Downtown streets mystically appeal to have some beautiful, unforgettable portraits for your albums. The embarked Bergen Aquarium is one of the attractions of the city that is enclosed under the shark tunnel with some panoramic views of the seaport and will return to the stay in the charm of Bergen.

Day 4: The Waterfalls, Seven Sisters and Geiranger

After spending the third day, you will be taken early through best route in 5 hours to Boyabreen that includes lavish green sceneries. The Boyabreen Glacier on the western Norwegian lands makes it stupendously flawless piece of landscape. The greenery round 360 degree makes you feel energized and relieved. The locations are astoundingly remarkable for its largely extended grounds.  The Boyabreen glacier is ultimately an adventure destination for carefree holiday seekers. The Glacier is one of the biggest Glaciers in the world. The Glacier is in the midst of tipping blue clouds that have so many relaxing spots and café-huts where you can enjoy hiking and coffee breaks. The place will let you experience some divine beauty that will please your insights and makes you more contended. One who loves traveling for peace of mind can settle for vacation here. Now tripping over the up-down steeps, we will get back to our prefixed stays and plan for our 5th-day spotting.

Day 5: Brikdals Glacier

Heart filled with refreshing vibes we will head towards Floyen the city of mountains and natural views that relatively exude some immense jaw-dropping sights to capture in the cameras. The world cycle championship is one of the most attracting events to be beheld. Here you can have city views from the tops of the cities. The outstanding sceneries and landscapes are the most enticing views to gather in Floyen. The Florens folk restaurant is a beautiful point from where you can see the whole Florens lasting on the sea verges. The Restaurant is famous for photographic views in the midst of disputed sea lines melting under the sky shores.  People visit this place to capture selfies and photos from the top of the Mount Floyen that’s overlooking Bergen from the edges of the Mountain. The alongside lined up Pandocruises gives some beautiful backgrounds to the captures. So give a chance to Floyen in your 7 days vacations to collect some more captures for your Norway’s diaries. Visitors love participating in hiking and biking over the Floyen tops. It is opened all year but the best times to experience the charm is especially on eaters, Christmas and New Year. After some fun-filled and kiddish moments, we will return to our relaxing stays and will prepare for the next day spot.

Day 6: Bergen

After passing the day on the top of the mountains in FLoyen, we will travel to the lively beauty of Voss via FLoyen only in 3 hours through the lively locations via road. This leads to amazingly pouring waterfall that can be viewed so close that put a brilliant impact in your consciences. It rejoices you with the supreme of natural beauty with relaxing surroundings. This is the best family trip destination with extended greenery gives you the best locations to be captured. The rocky mountain under the splashes of blue water makes it look more like a painting in real. Travelers specially visit here to enjoy the road trips on the land of Voss Norway. The Voss is enriched with eye-off views that let you wonder for nature and its awesomeness. You can do paragliding, hiking and biking some sports here to make your vacation fun and happening. Spending whole day in the vastness of Voss we headed over to Oslo to put our last bookmark on our Norway Diaries.

Day 7: Departure

The final day of vacation comes as the departure. After collecting back to your starting point, you will make your last call of transportation for Airport in Oslo. Now binding up your piled memories and luggage as well we will set back to Mumbai via Oslo to mark our last bid to this well-spent vacation. The take-off from Norway to back home with life reminiscing memories and feelings. The feelings that cannot be rotten out of the minds gathered in the paths and extensions of Norway and its amazing places.

Undoubtedly, accommodation is the priority of every traveler coming from across the boundaries especially when it’s a week of vacation.  Here we are a concern with the quality stay, convenient conveyance, and comfort of the travelers. We ensure that without any delay and value-added services we provide the best transport and staying facilities according to the rates and packages.

We always do a heartfelt welcome of visitors and thrive with our full potential to match the expectations of the visitors. We ensure some of the best and comfortable stays with private showers and spa. We also serve breakfast as a starting meal for the travelers to be prepared for the long traveling day in the limitless premises of Norway.

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